Our Expertise

Rooted in agriculture and farming

We actively expand our core agricultural businesses while launching and investing in new businesses that serve needs for farm operators across the country. With this spirit, Hageman has founded many entrepreneurial ventures, for example, US Agriculture, an investment firm focused on acquiring and managing quality farmland assets.  What motivates us is the opportunity to build on our foundational knowledge, experiences, and relationships to build a better future for the agricultural industry.

  • Farmland


    Gene Hageman purchased his first 80 acres of farmland in 1952. Since that time, the Hageman family has continued to expand its farmland holdings and has owned and operated more than 40,000 acres in multiple states.  Our expertise in farmland through Hageman, or our affiliated companies, stretches from commodity row crops in the Midwest to permanent crops on the West coast.

  • Crop Production

    Crop Production

    Dating back to 1918, four generations of the Hageman family have farmed in Remington, Indiana. Each generation left the farm better than they found it and expanded our reach across the entire country.  Our family farm has been the foundational launching pad for entrepreneurial ventures, like Hageman Realty in 1975, Remington Seeds in 1984, US Agriculture in 2015, and Traction Ag in 2021.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Leaning into our strengths

The Hageman family is entrepreneurial by nature, and we continually look for opportunities that are closely connected to our core strengths. Below are businesses that were launched from our areas of expertise in the agricultural industry.

Hageman Realty

Hageman Realty, a Hageman affiliated company, was founded by Steve Hageman in 1975 and continues to provide farm brokerage and farm management services. Today, Hageman Realty is owned and managed by Sara Hageman Schenck and has brokers with farm operations experience—who bridge the gap between owners and farm operator tenants to maximize the value produced by every acre of land. This affiliated company shares relationships and opportunities within the entire Hageman business ecosystem.

US Agriculture

With our extensive knowledge in farm real estate, farmland ownership, and production agriculture, we founded US Agriculture to help land operators grow their businesses and to provide stable and successful agriculture investments for our clients. Today, US Agriculture covers the entire United States and has over $450 million in assets under management with a focus on row-crop farmland and permanent cropland.

Traction Ag

We believe having timely and accurate financial information is critical to every business. Building on our expertise, we partnered with the team at Traction Ag to take the accounting burden away from farmers so they can focus on what they do best. By providing them with up-to-date financial projections and reports, farmers are able to make the best-informed decisions to improve and protect their bottom lines.


A track record of shared success