We enhance communities through


Hageman is deeply committed to being a positive contributor in the community. We strive to enhance communities through investment in redevelopment, job creation, and intentionally building innovative communities where people can live, work, and grow. As a family business, we invest in projects that generations after us will be proud to own. We are committed to leaving it better than we found it for the next generation, and that value extends into every community where we are involved.

  • Investing in Communities

    Investing in Communities

    70+ communities

    We are active in communities all across the country.
  • Investing in Relationships

    Investing in Relationships

    10+ public/private partnerships

    Hageman is committed to creating win/win outcomes for the communities we invest in.
  • Investing in the Future

    Investing in the Future

    For generations

    Hageman invests in sustainable farmland, clean energy technology, and high quality buildings that will last for future generations.

We enhance communities through


Hageman is deeply committed to giving back to the community through philanthropy. The Hageman Foundation is a private family foundation with the mission of partnering with organizations that further agriculture, education, entrepreneurship, and leadership. In addition to making annual donations to aligned not-for-profits, the Hageman Foundation matches employee donations each year to support those initiatives which our Team is deeply passionate about in our community. As a group, we believe our investments are living our core value to “leave it better than we found it” and “be a team player” within all the communities where we engage.

  • Not for Profits Supported

    Not for Profits Supported

    30+ Organizations

    Hageman Foundation is committed to supporting non-profits in the communities where we invest.
  • Philanthropic Contributions

    Philanthropic Contributions

    $2.5+ million

    Hageman Foundation is committed to growing our philanthropic donations now and into the future.
  • Employee Philanthropy

    Employee Philanthropy

    100% matching

    Hageman Foundation matches employee contributions to the causes that matter most to them.

Our Impact

Community involvement

Hageman is committed to serving organizations that give back to their communities.

Families First

Founded on Thanksgiving Day in 1835 to help new arrivals to the Indianapolis area with material needs such as food, clothing, and shelter, Families First has evolved and changed with the community to best meet many human service needs of central Indiana families. In 2021 Families First reunited via a merger with Children’s Bureau, which had been a part of the Families First organization in the 19th century. Tom Peck of Hageman Group is a former Board Chair and 20-year member of the board of directors of Families First until the organization’s 2021 merger with Children’s Bureau.


Founded in 2000 as Hamilton County Area Neighborhood Development, HAND Inc. has a mission to revitalize neighborhoods and help bring much needed affordable housing to often affluent areas that still need quality places for low- and moderate-income residents to live. For approximately 10 years Tom Peck and Jana Hageman of Hageman Group have served on various roles at HAND including development committee member, board member, and board President.

We strive to

Leave it better than we found it.