Hageman Agriculture

About Hageman Agriculture

The Hageman family immigrated to the United States and began farming in northwest Indiana around 1915. Gene Hageman, purchased 80 acres in 1949, which was the first farmland owned by a Hageman in the United States. That 80 acres provided the foundation for what makes up Hageman Agriculture today.

Farming Operations

Crop Farming

Hageman Agriculture has farming operations in northwest Indiana and northeast Texas. The Indiana operation is headquartered in Remington, Indiana, and produces seed corn, seed soybeans, commercial corn, and commercial soybeans. The Texas operation is headquartered in Sulphur Bluff, Texas, and has additional locations in Bogata and northern Red River County. The Texas farming operations produce all commercial crops including, wheat, corn, soybeans, milo, sorghum, rice, and alfalfa on both irrigated and non-irrigated farmland.

Hageman Agriculture is on the cutting edge of agricultural technology. Using GPS navigation and data collection technology allows us to capture information useful in management decisions on increasing yields and profitability.

Hageman Agriculture partners with landowners in Indiana and Texas to produce the highest yielding crops and provide high returns to landowners. We work closely with landowners to provide them with the confidence that we take care of their land as if it were ours. Gene Hageman instilled an important value for future generations by insisting that we “leave it better than we found it.” Hageman Agriculture carries on with that tradition.

Ranching Operations

Cattle Farming

In total, Hageman Agriculture ranches more than 3,000 cattle in Texas. Our team of Cowboys maintain a healthy and productive herd by working cattle frequently and keeping an eye on the health of each animal. We utilize pastures for grazing, as well as supplement with hay grown on property.

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