Our Values

Values Statement

Hageman Group does business with the underlying philosophy that the way we do things is as important as what we do. The following values create a foundation for the culture of Hageman Group.

Integrity and Respect
Play fair – never compromising our integrity; respect fellow employees, customers, suppliers, and society by being honest and accountable; work to build win-win relationships; respect the natural resources that are vital to our business and strive to leave them in better conditions than we found them; stay open minded to new ideas and respect different viewpoints.

Share Successes
Be a supportive family that holds each other to our high standards; share in successes and in shortcomings; work as a team and reward those that contribute to the success of everyone; take ownership in what we do; recognize and praise each other when we exhibit these core values.

Support Teamwork & Personal Development
Maintain positive attitudes and implement solutions to problems; communicate openly and honestly by sincerely listening and conveying our messages clearly; always accept and carefully consider new ideas for improving efficiency; accept and adapt quickly to beneficial and necessary changes; commit to continual learning and the processes of personal development, which benefits our lives both at work and at home; always be courteous and respectful to others; take responsibility for our actions.

Encourage Constant Improvement
Work smart by developing better ways to meet the same or better results; work hard and push forward when things get tough; implement long-term solutions and build a lasting organization; strive to properly balance efficiency with effectiveness; utilize value adding technology at every opportunity.

Develop Leadership
Be leaders in our industry and strive to be the best at what we do; be humble and respect others who think or do differently than us; be proud for living by these values; listen more than we talk; influence others by exhibiting these values every day.

Enjoy Life
Enjoy life by finding fun in our responsibilities; be good family members, spouses, parents, grandparents, children, and siblings; work diligently to reduce stress in our lives; appreciate life.